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Using Your Intuition To Get Ahead in Business

We all know the general rule to always follow our gut feelings, right? And usually those gut feelings become undeniable when they’re warning us to stay away from someone, or something, that may cause us danger. Or when they’re pushing us in the right direction, towards some life changing opportunity. But what does that look like on a daily basis? A lot of people think that the work I do as a Psychic Medium is rather strange, but my clientele actually consists of pretty normal, every day, mainstream type people. I advise multiple clients in the corporate world on business issues regularly, as well as several entrepreneurs. I work with my clients, not only to provide guidance on specific issues, but to teach them how to use their own intuition in the business world, so that they can make clear, confident decisions on the spot. Using your intuition in business is a huge game changer, so I wanted to put together some tips that you can begin implementing right away!

First, your intuition is an excellent judge of character. Ever wonder why first impressions are usually right on? Because your mind isn’t overly involved yet with all of it’s logic and knowledge about the person, so your intuition can easily tune into their energy, giving you a good idea of who that person really is. As a manager, I relied on my intuition when interviewing people. I never hired anyone I didn’t feel really good about on an intuitive level. I also advise clients to use their intuition on any sort of business collaboration, as well as to feel into prospective clients and what their needs may be. There are many types of people in the world, so using your own intuitive guidance to know how to approach or deal with someone is a huge advantage! Try taking note of your initial feelings about people, and then start asking yourself questions about them and see what comes to you. You’ll be surprised how right on you’ll get after some practice!

Second, always consult your intuition on presentations and meetings you may be participating in or running. Have you ever noticed that a room full of people always has a unique feeling to it? Sometimes it’s a loud, boisterous, fun bunch. The energy is enlivening, playful, inviting, and motivating. Other times, with serious groups of people, or meetings over serious topics, the energy can be tense, emotional, or intimidating. If you’re running the meeting, and you want people to walk away feeling motivated to get things done, but the energy you’re working with is stagnant, tired, and unfocused, you have some work to do. In that case, it’s your job to not only give clear directions and support on the tasks at hand, but to transform the energy of the room so that people leave feeling awake, passionate, and ready to get going. By using your intuition to feel into the room, you will be able to make last minute changes to your meeting format, your presentation, or your tone to ensure a shift of energy happens in order to boost the outcome of the meeting or presentation.

Last, but not least, always use your intuition in creating anything for your business. Whether it’s an organizing system, a product, a marketing campaign, or anything else you may be working on. Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This applies to everything you ever create. It needs to make people feel something. For example, a filing system should bring people comfort, organization, peace of mind, and convenience. If you’re going to trial, your case needs to make the jury feel your clients perspective, or the victim’s perspective. They need to feel your words, not just hear them. If you create jewelry, how do you want each piece to feel? What’s the bigger reason behind it? Using your intuition to tap into your clients, customers, or employees needs will set you apart from everyone in your industry. Keeping in touch with their feelings throughout their experience with you or your product, will enable you to make any last minute adjustments to help everyone have an even better experience.

As you can see, these small, simple steps, have the ability to change everything in your business. They’re game changers. Give them a try and see how they can impact your business! If you are interested in booking a session with me concerning your business or career, or if you would like me to consult with your management team, contact me at

Sending you love, success, and infinite happiness!

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