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The Forgotten Ones

This blog post was completely channeled by some Soul’s that I have helped cross over through the years, and some Soul’s that I just recently came upon and have been trying to help understand and find peace. Thank you for taking the time to read their words. I ask that you learn from their regrets.

We call ourselves the forgotten ones. We are the ones that died in alley’s with a needle in our arm. We are the runaways who were sexually assaulted and stabbed to death only to lay in the morgue as a Jane Doe until we became nothing more than a nameless, cold case file. We are the ones who committed suicide by jumping off bridges or shooting ourselves in the head out in some desolate area. We are the ones that no one talks about. The kids without a family. The adults lost in addiction and/or insanity. We are now the shadows you see out of the corner of your eye. We are the ones that move stuff around when you leave work for the night. We are the chill you feel in that one spot. We are the empty space dogs bark at. We do not mean to frighten anyone, we only wish to understand why we are so lost, and to feel worthy enough to cross over. The truth is, we were dead long before we actually died. We stopped living somewhere along the way, we aren’t really sure how it even happened like that. There are many out there who are following in our footsteps, and we do not wish that suffering upon anyone. The suffering of not knowing, of wandering for years until someone finally sees you. The suffering of being alone. We do not want that for you. Most of us never used our voice to do anything good in the world when we were alive. We stayed hidden, silent. Now that we are starting to learn and many of us are crossing over, we wish to help the ones who are as we once were. We found a common voice between us, and we want to express the things we wish you would learn before it is too late. And just so you know, if you woke up breathing this morning, it is not too late. No matter how lost you are, you may always be found.

We stayed hidden. We think this was what started our suffering. We let fear manipulate us into isolation. We didn’t speak up, we didn’t share, we stayed in the background everywhere we went. We were so afraid of people, of pain, but we did not know at that time that isolating would cause us much more pain than being seen. We want you to talk to people. We want you to find someone that you can connect with and share with them. We want you to laugh. We want you to feel a part of. For many of you, you can do this by making peace with your families. For some, that is too dangerous, but we say that you may find a family unit out there among people you feel drawn to and feel safe with. If you are willing, you will be lead to them. We want you to share parts of yourself with your family and friends. Your likes and dislikes, your pain and your joy. We want you to listen to them. We wish we had realized earlier that the point to living is to experience connection. Whether you live in mansions or poverty, the point of your life is the same. To connect with others, learn from them, teach them, love them and be loved in return. That is what life is about. We ask that you try, and that you pray to your God and Angels to help bring the right people into your life.

We held onto our pain. We felt that we were entitled to this pain because of what our experiences had been. We felt that if we let go, it would somehow mean that those who caused us harm were in the right, and that we were wrong. We felt it was our job to carry this pain as a reminder to not let our guard down. We know now that this is not true. Upon death, ALL Soul’s will experience everything they put out into the world, whether they had been forgiven in life or not. We want you to know that anyone who caused you pain will feel that pain, and will feel the consequences of their actions, regardless of if you continue to carry on with this suffering or if you let it go. We realized that by holding onto this entitled pain and resentment we were only hurting ourselves. We were only disconnecting ourselves from God, and blocking all blessings that might have come our way. We wore our pain like a shield, to keep out any further harm. The problem with this is that the shield also kept out all good. We want you to realize that if you let it go, that if you allow yourself to be protected by something greater than this pain, you will be protected from harm, AND you will be able to receive good. We want you to be open to healing, to be open to feeling happy again. You are entitled to fulfillment, contentment, service, and love, just by being you. We want you to allow that to come in and take the place of the pain you have been carrying. We wish we would have done this sooner and not waited until crossing over. You cannot cross over if you are still holding onto all of that pain and suffering. There is no room for suffering on the other side, so you must let it go. Then you will know peace.

We lost faith. Some of us started out religious, or grew up in religious families. Some of us were abused in those religions, during which we wondered why God would allow this to go on. Some of us did not have traumatic experiences in any church, we simply grew away from God as we became more lost on this dark path. We stopped praying for help to find our way, and we thought God abandoned us. We want you to know that God never abandoned us, we abandoned God. The thing is, God does not hold grudges. We walked in fear of crossing into the light, that God might be offended by how we lived without allowing him in our lives. That he might be mad at us for not living his will and insisting on doing things our own way. We thought we would be punished. These thoughts could not be farther from the truth. Upon crossing over, we felt a love that we don’t remember feeling before, yet it felt oddly familiar at the same time. We felt we were truly seen for the first time. We felt light, warmth instead of cold. We felt like we were finally put back together, and we saw how we could have experienced this while we were still alive. We learned that it is not about any religion. Different religions were given to different cultures in order to teach people about God, about faith, about living in a kind, loving way. Humans sometimes manipulate these teachings. We think that is not our battle, and not our problem. Many find love and peace through religion, and we think this is what the point of religion was meant to be. We now know God, and we know love. We now see that we had a piece of God in us throughout our entire lives. We had accidentally covered it up so well that we could no longer find it, that’s all. We ask you to find the piece of God that lives inside of you, and that you find a way to connect with your God that feels right for you, that feels trustworthy and true. We ask that you pray for God to enter your life, and that you allow him to do so. We wish we would have allowed him to help us sooner. We wish we would have realized that his will for us is so much better than we thought. We assumed he would have us all become preachers, or nuns, that we would need to live a life that felt stifled and restricted to us. We now know that he wants us to live a life of freedom, of ease and grace. We see clearly that our life without God was a stifled and restricted life! Pray to know him better and you shall.

We could not forgive ourselves. Some of us felt our actions had been horrendous, so we carried shame everywhere we went. We felt if anyone knew this part of us, we would be shunned, punished, abandoned. What we realize now is that some of those mistakes were our lessons, and if we would have forgiven ourselves and allowed ourselves to learn from them, we would have felt the shame and self hatred lift. We see now that we did the best we could with what we knew. We see that we could have made things right had we tried. We also see that the longer we saw ourselves as dark, bad, horrible people, the worse our actions got, and the farther away from forgiveness we moved. We realized that the ones that murder and rape people, labeled themselves as monsters long before that. We see that had we forgiven ourselves much sooner, had we let love and light into our Souls, we would have been much more use to this world. We would have treated our loved ones much better than we had. We would have experienced less pain, less regret, less sorrow upon our death. We would have felt the good that we put into the world instead. That is what we want for you, to experience the good that you make people feel. The comfort you give someone by listening to them. The safety you give by standing up for someone. The joy you give by having fun with others and laughing together. You can have that. We know so. You must forgive yourself and commit to from now on living as a better person. You know the mistakes you made, which means you no longer need to make them. You can let them go, and now that you know better, you will do better. It is that simple, and we know you are capable. You may not believe in yourself, but we believe in you, because we once were you.

We ask that you tell people you love them. We were too scared. Scared of rejection, scared of being too emotional. Scared of being hurt. In death, most of us went to see the people we loved. We tried to tell them we were sorry. Some didn’t even know what happened to us, and mourned us long before our death. We tried to tell them. We tried to tell them we loved them. We felt how much they loved us at one time, and we just wanted them to know we loved them too. We wanted the person that was nice to us when no one else was to know the difference they made. We wanted to comfort people. We tried, and we tried. We tried so hard to give signs that we were there, to yell and scream as loud as possible. They can’t hear us. They can’t see us. Most don’t know if the signs are really from us or just their imagination. Tell them how you feel before it is too late. This is by far our biggest regret. We beg of you to share with people what they mean to you, as best as you can. We promise you that you will be glad that you did when the time comes where they can no longer hear you.

We want you to know that you may feel forgotten, but you are not. We know you, we see you, and God sees you. You may be living the life of the forgotten ones, many Souls are still wandering the Earth, forgotten. We try to help them see, and help them come into the light as much as possible. We try to work through the ones that can see us to help others. We try to reach you, and we will continue to try, because no matter how many people have forgotten you, we never will. You have a team of Angels, you have us, and you have God, always.

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