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Releasing Control

I work with people on a multitude of different topics. From unsolved murders, to receiving closure from loved ones in Heaven, to guidance around every day life. I mean let’s face it, sometimes life is hard! It helps to have the Guides share their wisdom by giving some tips and tools on how to get through it. One thing that’s been coming up for everyone lately is control. Moreover, the need to control others. What I have found, is that there are two types of people that tend to have problems in this area. First, and most obvious, are the people who have always had a “control freak” type nature. They mean well, and it actually stems from a fear that everything will fall apart if they aren’t in control, and sometimes mental illness such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The second type flies a little under the radar. They’re the “savers” as I call them. The ones that take on way too much responsibility and try to carry everyone on their shoulders. They usually don’t end up working with me until they find themselves in a complete meltdown, partially because they’re always putting everyone first. Now, as different as these people can be, the solutions are the same. The only way to find peace in your own mind, as well as in your relationships, is to release the need to control everyone else.

Below are some pretty powerful and simple visualizations to help you release the need to control others and find the peace of mind you’ve been craving!

  1.  Let the Angel’s Carry it Away.

This is a powerful visualization, given to me by the Guides. I use it all the time, for people or even just challenges. Start by taking a comfortable seat and breathing for a few moments. Really bring your awareness into your body. You can even say, “there’s no where else to be, nothing else to do” a few times to yourself. Then, visualize a large, white basket in front of you. Kind of like the baskets that you would ride in on a hot air balloon ride, but it’s a bright, white light. You know that it’s safe, that anyone or thing you place in it will be in good hands. When you can really see it clearly, start placing the people in it that you are most worried about, having challenges with, or find yourself wishing you could direct them towards different life choices. When you are finished putting them in the basket, you see three Angels fly down. They’re glowing, radiating a bright, white light. They have loving smiles, and you know instantly, they can help everyone involved in this situation. They lovingly take the basket, and carry it up to the Divine, where all problems will be worked out in everyone’s highest and best good. End by thanking the Angels for taking control for you, and trusting that they will do their best!

2.  Imagine Your Life as a Movie.

Start by having a comfortable seat, and breathing for a few moments. Same as the first one, bring your awareness into your body, into the present moment. Visualize a giant movie screen in front of you. As the film starts, you notice, it’s a film of your life. Now, picture, a little version of you, running around during the scenes, trying to direct everyone. You’re so frustrated because these actors aren’t always following your directions, but you keep running around trying to fix all of the mistakes. Now, notice your character. Notice how while your little you is so busy running around trying to control everything, you aren’t fully in character. You aren’t being the leading lady or leading man of your own movie! That seems silly. Let that sink in. You’re missing out on being the star of your life because you’re running around like crazy, trying to direct everyone else. Suddenly, you see three Angels come onto the screen. They are glowing with that same, bright, white light. They are smiling, and you feel comforted just by looking at them. They take the director’s log out of your hands, lovingly, and as you let them take over directing, you begin to focus on your own character. And you can’t help but notice, the Angels know that even as other characters are making mistakes, it’s all a part of the movie, and it’s all needed for the perfect ending. They aren’t freaking out at all. Just gently directing people in different directions. You feel so relieved, so much lighter, you can finally focus on your role, which happens to be the role of a lifetime! You thank the Angels for directing this movie far better than you ever could, and for giving you back the time and freedom to focus on your personal story. As you come off screen and into your body, watch the movie play out and see amazing things happening for you. Miracles actually! All of the things you’ve wanted to do, but haven’t had the time or money, you’re doing them! Smile, because you know that’s what your life can look like now.

3.  Mountain Climbing

I use the metaphor of climbing a mountain pretty often in my readings. Recently during a session with a healer that I go to, the Guides used the mountain metaphor with me for a change! This is a great visualization, so I wanted to share it with you. Just like the first two, begin by taking a seat and breathing. Now, imagine yourself on the side of a mountain. There’s a rope around your waist helping you climb to the top. You are also holding a rope. The rope that you’re holding goes down below you. You look and see it connected to the person you’ve been trying to help, or control, or save. There might be multiple people holding onto the same rope. You realize, you can only climb so high while holding onto this rope, it’s just so heavy, it’s weighing you down. Sure enough, the three Angels, (or a religious figure of your choice) come to the rescue. They tell you that you can give the rope to them, and they will help the others reach their destination. They assure you that you are not wrong in doing this, you are not causing any pain, nor are you abandoning anyone. You are actually creating space for more options and paths by handing the rope to the Angels. You feel comforted and confident that the rope will be in better hands, and you give it to the Angels. You are now free to climb at any pace you desire, and you know that everyone attached to that rope is taken care of.

When we release control to a higher power, we are actually creating more room for miracles to take place, and more space for ourselves to see other options. These visualizations are extremely powerful, especially when done consistently. Give them a try, and let me know how they work for you!

Thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing this with anyone who could benefit! If you would like to receive personalized guidance from the Guides, or connect with your loved ones on the other side, contact me to book your reading. I am currently taking on new clients for single sessions as well as packages, and can see clients in person, over the phone, or over Skype.

Sending you lots of love and infinite blessings!


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