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Morning Self Care for the Intuitive, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person

Routines are powerful ways to take care of ourselves, to maintain our energy, and therefore take care of those around us. I find that sometimes us intuitive, sensitive people flee from routines, fearing they will make us feel too restricted or tied down. What I’ve found in my own life however, is that routines, especially when they can be adaptable for travel, create more freedom and actually serve to build and restore energy in profound ways. I recommend all intuitive and sensitive people implement at least a few self care routines into their daily lives. I recently shared my evening routines for clearing and restoring my energy, so I wanted to share my morning routine that helps set my days up for success. Even if you take just a couple things that resonate out of this, implementing them will make a huge difference for you!

I set my alarm about 20 minutes early. That waking dream state of just waking up is actually super powerful for accessing your intuition, subconscious, and for manifesting. I began setting my alarm early and using that time to do this sort of work. During this 20 minutes, I call in all of my Angels and Guides, I give them permission to intervene on behalf of my best good throughout my upcoming day. I reflect on any dreams or visions I’ve had through the evening- I write down things that may need to be shared, and I ask my Angels and Guides to further clear any kind of processing I may have done. Like many, my dreams are divided into psychic visions as well as the processing of different experiences I’ve been through, surfacing of hopes and fears, etc. So reflecting allows me to tell the difference of what’s my intuition and what’s my mind. I then go through what I need to get done that day, and what I need my Heaven Team to take care of. Your Heaven Team, as I call it, is a combination of your loved ones, guides, and Angels. They are always there, but need your permission to help. Putting them in charge of the big stuff has changed everything for me.  It allows me to take charge of what’s in my power to do, and not be frozen in anxiety over things I cannot control. Next, I move onto visualizing. For finances, I visualize my Angels, the Fairies, and my loved ones, placing money into my energy field, into my pockets, my purse, stuffing cash under me, under my pillow, letting it rain down over me, and being open to receive it fully. I do this for several minutes, really feeling myself absorbing this money from Spirit. Feeling how it feels to be totally supported and taken care of. Then, I visualize myself as my ideal self, living the life I’m currently working on creating. I notice what I’m wearing, how I’m acting, what I’m doing, whose around me. Everything. It’s usually different, and I notice as I practice this daily, it continues to evolve. I then visualize this part of myself laying directly above me, and being lowered down into me, merging with my current being. From that energy, I can then start to live into this part of myself each day. That is usually my last practice before my second alarm goes off and I get up.

Once up, I try to get some movement in. I try to do about 10-15 minutes of yoga and qigong exercises, just to get my energy flowing. I also meditate on building an energetic bubble around myself, radiating out. It can be white, pink, blue, violet. This shield serves more as a filter, filtering out negative energy, only allowing good energy in, and also helping to maintain your clarity and energy throughout the day. Then I move onto getting ready.

While getting ready, I usually have affirmations either on post it’s or notecards that I go over while I’m doing my hair and make up. Using your time in front of the mirror for positive self talk is incredibly healing! If you want to dive deeper into mirror work, I highly recommend You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Perfumes give me migraines, so I use essential oils instead. Citrus scents give an extra boost of energy, and also help relieve depression and anxiety.

Before coffee, I make sure to drink a large glass of lemon water, take my probiotic, and I also take Apple Cider Vinegar in the mornings as well. Then I will enjoy my coffee, and get started on my day. I’ve been doing a lot more meal prepping lately, and it really is helping me stick to healthy habits, so I highly recommend that if you’re not home and able to cook throughout the day.

Last, but not least, when I do readings it’s vital that my vibration be high so I can channel Spirit easily. I have a happy playlist that I listen to either before calls or on my way to meet people. Not only does it raise my vibration, it just makes me feel super happy and energized, ready for whatever the day has in store.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful for you! Feel free to modify these practices if you need to or customize them to fit the best for you. Sending you all love! I am still taking on private clients- for readings as well as for spiritual coaching and mentorship packages. If you’re interested just send me a direct email or private message.  XOXO

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    Wow. This is a great plan , I’m excited to try a few of these. Thanks. ?

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