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Intuitive Causes and Solutions for Anxiety

Did you know that anxiety affects around 40 million people in the United States alone, and of that number, only about a third get treatment? I knew it was common, but wow, that’s a lot of people struggling! I have dealt with anxiety on and off for the majority of my life, mostly due to my ability to feel and connect with Spirit. When we have gifts that connect us with the other side, often Spirit can try to come through, before we even know we have these abilities, but because our mind doesn’t quite register what is happening, it gets interpreted into anxiety. It can range from slight nervousness and discomfort to full blown panic attacks depending on the energy. However, what I’ve learned over the years doing readings, and with myself as my gifts grow and expand, is that there are other energetic causes of anxiety as well, and most of us are completely oblivious to them. I filmed a facebook live on this topic the other day, and got such a strong response, I wanted to put it in writing for those of you who may have missed that video. My goal of this post is to educate you and also provide you with some tools that will help ease your anxiety when it’s triggered by energy from Spirit, environmental causes, and energy from others.

Okay, so, the first trigger for anxiety I mentioned is Spirit trying to come through. Now, when this is happening, it is usually lower level souls that are stuck here, but sometimes they are souls from heaven who would like to get a message to their loved ones. This is common to pick up on in large groups of people, out in public places, or at home when you’re experiencing any type of haunting, wandering ghosts, or when Spirit is attached to the land or home. Most people that deal with this don’t even realize they have these abilities, so many of them start to feel crazy or wonder what’s wrong with them. The best tool to use in this situation is awareness and acknowledgment. When you start to become aware of anxiety taking over, recognize what’s happening. Even just by saying in your mind, I’m feeling the anxiety come on for no apparent reason. Then acknowledging in your mind, or out loud if you’re alone, Spirit must be trying to come through. Unless you are working with someone to learn how to channel Spirit safely, I suggest saying either in your mind or out loud, “I don’t do this, you cannot come through to me, leave now.” You can add in there “I am safe and protected by God, and you do not have permission to come into my energy field, you must go now.” Repeating one or both of those will work wonders for you. Many of my clients have beat their social anxiety with that tool alone while they figure out how to master their mediumship abilities.

Alright, the second anxiety trigger I mentioned was environmental causes. This can be high tension wires, high EMF’s, chemical exposure, mold exposure, or even just too long around technology and bad lighting. Now, since it’s challenging for most of us to avoid all of these things, learning some coping methods is extremely helpful. I do suggest not living in a place where you are exposed to these, and not sleeping with any wires, computers, phones, or power boxes near your head. It’s best to get off all technology and use only dim lighting or candles about an hour before bed if you suffer from insomnia or have any sleep issues. I like to rub lavender oil on my feet before bed as well, just be careful if you are pregnant to not use too much. Monitoring the length of time you spend exposed to these causes is helpful. If I have to spend any time around high tension wires or EMF’s I will go stand in the grass or sand right after and imagine sending light through my feet and into the earth to quickly ground myself. They also have all sorts of EMF and radiation blockers you can find online now. If I’m exposed to mold or any chemicals, I’ll take some activated charcoal before bed, but I try to get to fresh air as soon as possible and do some deep breathing to clear out my lungs. Mold and pesticides are extremely toxic, so reducing your exposure to those as much as possible is best. If you have any power boxes in your home that are near your headboard, try rearranging your room so that your head is on another wall completely. Little changes like that can make a huge difference!

Last, and probably the most common source of anxiety is picking up energy from external sources. This impacts everyone out there who is an empath or sensitive. If you are at all sensitive to energy of other people or places, then that’s you! I actually have had recent experiences with this. I have been dealing with panic attacks on and off over the past couple years. And like most people, I just assumed it was my stuff coming up, and I owned it. It took me awhile, but I came to realize that it’s actually been me picking up on other people’s stuff because I wasn’t getting enough alone time to recalibrate my energy daily. So I was taking on some stuff from family members, clients, friends, and my environments, and that was manifesting as total panic. My attacks get so bad that I will literally end up curled in a ball on the floor crying, unable to breathe. When I realized this wasn’t in fact my energy, it instantly gave me my power back. Then, I what I started doing is as the panic sets in, I start sending it away. For me, I feel my hands start to shake and my heart rate picks up a lot, then it gets harder to take a deep breathe. If it gets further than that, I’m in a total attack and there’s no coming out of it until it’s over. So in those first few seconds, I have learned to tell myself, this isn’t yours, this is someone elses. I then pray, I call on Archangel Michael and God to clear me of this energy that’s not mine, and then I say, this is not my energy, this is not my vibration, I command that whatever is causing me this panic to leave my energy field NOW. I repeat these prayers over and over as I focus on my breathing and slowing my heart rate down. I’ve been able to stop several attacks now before they take over my entire body. Which then proves to my mind that it’s not my energy, because if it was, that wouldn’t work! Even if you don’t suffer from full blown panic attacks, I recommend trying this whenever you feel anxiety set in, or even depression. It’s literally impossible for most of us sensitive people to not pick up anything throughout our day, so learning to clear yourself will help you a lot! I also say to myself several times a day “Please send all energy that’s not mine back to it’s originator with love and compassion.” Otherwise, I get so overwhelmed with other people’s stuff, I can’t function.

I hope that these tools work for you and bring you some peace! Please write them down and try them the next time anxiety or panic sets in. And if you do suffer with anxiety, addiction, or any mental health stuff, just know that I see you, and I understand you. You are not in this alone. I spent so many years feeling alone, different, weird, crazy, etc. before I realized that’s just not the truth, and it’s not for you either.

Let me know if these tools are helpful for you, and feel free to comment or send me a message if you’d like me to address another area you’re needing support in. I am still doing private readings as well as spiritual transformation coaching, so contact me if you’d like more details on either of those as well.

Thank you for reading this! I am sending you lots of love and blessings!!!

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