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God Is Your Energy Source

This post is for all of you out there that give out an immense amount of energy on a regular basis. Whether it’s in your personal life or your career, when you’re giving so much of your energy to others, you must get in touch with your energy source so that you don’t end up burning out. Last year was extremely challenging for a lot of people, it consisted of a lot of endings, hard decisions, losses, and change. While the Guides are ensuring me that this year is going to be much more easeful and graceful for us, they are also letting me know that it will be about action, implementation, and walking our talk. I know a lot of you are ready for this, but it also means that you are going to need to stay up on maintaining your energy as well as your connection with God, Spirit, and the Angels, so that you can fully experience the flow and movement this year will bring.

First of all, what the Guides want to talk about is the source of your energy. We tend to think that everything we do throughout the day is based on our own energy. Then we feel drained, fatigued, overwhelmed, and exhausted at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you allow the energy from Spirit, the Angels, and God, to move through you, you can find a place of being more of a vessel for that energy to move through, rather than the actual source of that energy. Which means, that energy is pouring into you as fast as it’s moving out of you, so you never get that feeling of being drained or depleted. The image they are showing me is of an Angel with their hands on your back, filling every inch of you with divine light, power, and love, and that light radiating from your pores, and out of your hands, into whoever you are interacting with, or whatever work you are doing. They’re showing me specifically Archangel Raphael, but when you are visualizing this, feel free to use the Angel you feel most connected to, Jesus, or any other divine figure you work with. When you allow the Angels and Spirit to send energy through you while you’re out in your world, you’re allowing yourself to be of service, as well as be taken care of. That’s the balance we’re all seeking.

Secondly, they’re saying that so many of us are trying to make these huge, life altering decisions all on our own. People are actually feeling ashamed for having such a hard time with this, and feel like they would be a burden asking Spirit for help. This is most certainly not the case. Spirit wants to help you! Spirit wants to help all of us. No question, task, favor, or problem is too large or too small. They are also powerful and capable enough to help everyone simultaneously, so you don’t need to worry about taking up too much time, or causing someone else to not be watched over. You deserve the support, the signs, the extra love, the miracles. Yes, even if you made enormous mistakes. They just said someone reading this is thinking they don’t deserve the help, or can’t ask for help, because this problem is a result of their mistakes, and they must fix it themselves. Spirit says that’s not a rule, it’s a story made up by your mind. Pray, and let your Angels and loved ones help you through this.

Next, when you’re out dealing with other humans, why not let Spirit help with that? I know my introverted readers will relate with this one. Sometimes talking to people is exhausting! It really is. Especially when it’s people that ask a lot of questions, or if you’re helping someone through a big issue or life change, or worse, arguing with someone. Spirit says, if you give them permission to participate in your social interactions, every conversation can be an opportunity for God to work through you, as well as through the other person. Someone may say exactly what you need to hear, or you may say something, or get an idea, that changes that person’s life. You don’t have to be a medium and channel messages directly, just by setting the intention to allow Spirit into your conversations opens up possibilities for new communication, ideas, peaceful resolutions, and flow.

Last but not least, Spirit strongly advises that you take some time each day to be by yourself, tune into your own energy, and your own connection to God. Even if it’s only ten minutes, checking in can change everything for you. Just try asking yourself, how am I feeling today? How is my energy? How high or low is my vibration? Do I feel connected to my higher power/God/Spirit/Angels? Have I ignored my intuition today or am I listening and trusting? That’s all. You don’t have to spend an entire evening in inquiry, just take a few minutes and see what’s going on with yourself. Open up that conversation. You talk to yourself all day long unconsciously, so when you bring that self talk into your awareness, you can really connect with your truth and your intuition on a deeper level. Which will ultimately transform your relationship with yourself.

This year, let Spirit step in as your energy source and just see what happens. See if your relationships grow a little deeper, if your work starts to be more productive and impactful, if you start to feel light at the end of the day instead of heavy. Notice if opportunities start coming to you, if things start falling into place. It might just be one of your best years yet!

I am currently taking on private clients for single sessions or packages. I offer group readings as well, and will be teaching classes this year on increasing your intuition, as well as mediumship courses. Contact me if you feel called to book a session, or would like to inquire about classes!

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Lots of love,

Sarah Renee

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