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Getting Out of Your Own Way

I have a confession to make. Throughout my life, I’ve gone through times where I am in total flow. Opportunities just open up, things go my way, people respond to me in positive ways, money comes in and goes out in a perfect balance, I am creative daily, life will just be really solid and good. However, I also go through times where I am completely disconnected from flow. Like the flow is just moving all around me and drowning me in the process actually. Nothing will go right, doors won’t open, people don’t click with me, money goes out and doesn’t come back in, and I’ll be completely blocked creatively. For years, I have struggled trying to find the reason why this happens. Why can’t I be in flow all the time? I get so frustrated, I mean, I’m a spiritual person, I meditate, I pray, I journal, I reflect. What the heck? What I found was that the answer has been right in front of me the whole time. I have even said it out loud to myself without really hearing it. I help clients deal with this root cause every single day. This area of struggle has been a huge lesson to help me truly walk my talk, and implement all of the things that the Guides and I teach, and I have no doubt anyone reading this will be able to relate.

I have to get out of my own way. And so do you.

Yes, it is that simple! It’s also much easier said than done, so we’re going to get into some tips to help you out.

Have you ever said “I just feel like I’m blocked or something, I don’t get it.” I used to say that all the time. And it was true, I was blocked because I was blocking myself. The good news is, just becoming aware of this will start to soften that block you’ve been holding up. For me, it was like a light bulb moment.

Now, part of you may feel a bit defensive. Maybe stuff in your life is really hard right now, and circumstances are holding you back. I get it, I really do. I’ve been there! I’ve had family stress, financial crisis, addictions, depression, health problems, and complete meltdowns! Life is always going to have ups and downs, so we must learn, together, to get out of our own way when life gets hard. That’s when we need to get into flow the most! That’s when we need to be in connection with Spirit, and be taking action to get ourselves through it. So I’m going to share with you some things that have helped me, and my clients, so that no matter what is coming up in your life, you have some tools to help you to keep moving.

First, you have to look and bring your awareness to the fact that you’ve been creating your own blocks. You’ve been standing in your own way. It’s actually your ego standing in the way of your Soul. That’s how the Guides show it to me at least. When you acknowledge that you’re part of your problem, you’re no longer a victim of whatever situation is going on.

Second, ask yourself, what is causing me to want to stop right now? Get really honest with yourself. Is it fear, anger, resentment? What self talk do you have going on that’s not supportive? You’re going to have to change all of it.
Third, what actions have you not been taking even though you’re getting signs to, or feel like you should, or even want to be taking but you just don’t? As a society, we focus on what it is that we’re doing, when sometimes the attention needs to be on what are we not doing? For example, I’ve been putting off teaching classes and workshops on my own. It comes up in every card reading I do for myself, I’ve journaled it during meditation, people are requesting classes, and it’s on my plan of things to do. Yet I haven’t done it. And I could fill up a whole page with reasons why, but those aren’t important. Look at the actions you are not taking, without looking at the excuses. Your excuses will just talk you back into standing in your way.

Fourth, make the switch. Take all of your self talk that’s negative and turn it into positives. Do you feel exhausted every day? What do you need to do to wake up? Get more sleep, exercise, take vitamins. Start saying how much energy you have, how young at heart or in spirit you are, how strong you are. Do you talk about how drained you are from what’s going on? Okay, how do you replenish yourself? List some things you can do to replenish and then tell yourself how energized and fulfilled you’re becoming. Look at your actions that you haven’t been taking, and move forward on them. Set aside some time, even if it’s an hour a day, and dedicate that time to those actions.

Fifth, prioritize. Grab a pen and paper, and have a comfortable seat. Go into meditation for a few minutes, and then take your pen and paper and write down this question- “What do I need to do to get out of my own way and start moving forward?” Write down whatever comes to you without thinking about it. Afterwards, take the actions you looked at earlier, and then the actions on the paper from this meditation, and figure out how you can make these a priority in your schedule. What do you have to move around to do so? Remember, no excuses, just action. If you need money for something, ask, how can I fit this into my budget? Don’t let yourself be held back.

Schedule your actions in your calendar, and write out your new positive thought replacements to put on your mirror, fridge, or in your car. Somewhere you can read them often. Then get started. Right now.

The truth is, getting out of your own way is really a matter of changing your mindset and taking action. Once you start moving, the energy will move, and you’ll get back in flow. Maybe for you, moving is going on a weekend retreat to rest. Making proper rest and relaxation a priority is a huge action step. The Guides want to specify that when we say action, it does not necessarily mean pushing yourself into sickness. It means making a decision and taking an action that is in your highest and best good. Which are usually the actions we have feelings we should take, but our ego stops us. Please keep that in mind, and while you are pushing yourself past your excuses, you need to be kind to yourself as well.

Give these techniques a try, and I would love your feedback on how they work for you, or what comes up for you while you’re putting them into practice! If you find yourself needing more specific guidance or support, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and book a session! The Guides can definitely get you out of your own way and back in flow!

Sending you lots of love, abundance, and grace!


Sarah Renee

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