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The Top Regrets and Lessons I’ve Learned from Doing Readings

The Top Regrets Clients Come to Me With-
1. I didn’t say goodbye.
2. I didn’t forgive.
3. I didn’t say how I felt.
4. I didn’t take enough photos, collect enough memories, or spend enough time with (loved ones).
5. I did what I thought I should, and lost sight of myself.
The messages from Spirit are always specific based on a persons reading/circumstances/etc. But, the overall lessons that I have taken from doing readings like this for the past five years-
1. Always say goodbye- give that extra hug or kiss, tell them you love them. Look in people’s eyes. Don’t live in fear, but be present with people.
2. Forgive and let go. Now- don’t be a doormat or stay in an unhealthy situation. But anger and resentments are poison for the soul. Do the work to get closure and forgive. And while you’re at it- look at people for who they are choosing to be in this life. Don’t build up expectations based on their potential. Accept where they are, love them no matter what, and then discern if it’s a healthy choice to keep them in your life. Also- don’t forget to forgive yourself!
3. Express how you feel. This seems like common sense- yet so many people struggle with it. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you, express what you’re feeling and going through. Talk out your emotions and/or misunderstandings. Tell people the impact they have on you. So many Soul’s never know how they made people feel until they pass away, and you never know what a person is struggling with on the inside.
4. I’ve been working on this in my own life recently. Be present with your friends and loved ones, but also take photos, write about good days in your journal, save little mementoes. Have things that will remind you of the good times in life and the people you have loved along your journey.
5. We are always evolving. Don’t beat yourself up over what you have or haven’t done. I don’t think “finding yourself” is something that happens in a year or two. I think it’s what we spend our time here doing. We discover different parts of ourselves as we learn and do the work. Always be willing to look within, to discover parts of yourself you might not know yet. It helps to establish a practice that allows you to tune into your own energy daily, and then make big decisions from this place instead of from a “should” mindset. 🙂
And most of all, love yourself, love others, and just keep moving forward.

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