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Warning Signs – Changes Needed

Most people who invest in packages with me are in the middle of major life transitions, and need monthly support to help them navigate all of the chaos that massive change brings about. However, before people get to this point, many spend a significant amount of time in misery, depression, addiction, and self doubt. It’sContinue Reading

Growing Pains

We all come into this life to learn, grow, and expand on a Soul level. This process happens through our life experiences, our studies, our work, and our relationships- both physical and spiritual. This is pretty common knowledge in the self growth world, but what no one seems to mention are the downfalls of growingContinue Reading

Technology, Anxiety, and Balance

Technology has come so far, even just in the past couple of years, it’s unbelievable. While I absolutely appreciate all that technology allows me to accomplish, especially as an entrepreneur, I felt called to take a “technology cleanse” about a week ago. I decided to take a week off of work, and take four entireContinue Reading

Manifesting or Surrendering?

Over the past several years the term manifest has become quite prevalent. There have been countless books, movies, articles, and podcasts done on the subject. People worldwide have been visualizing, creating vision boards, writing manifesto’s, and saying affirmations. (along with several other tricks I’m sure!) Then, there’s another entire perspective from a different group ofContinue Reading

Radical Self Acceptance

Sometimes, there’s just one thing needed to completely transform your entire life. Radical Self Acceptance. I have people come to me desperately wanting to change their lives, yet having absolutely no idea where to start. People longing for meaning, passion, love, and joy. Yet, they have no clue how to begin to cultivate these thingsContinue Reading

Voices of Suicide

This blog entry is extremely important and personal to me. I have rewritten it several times, and struggled with how to best share it with the world. Not because Suicide is a hard topic to talk about. Not because it’s one of those things that everyone has an opinion on. Not even because it isContinue Reading

Live Your Purpose

Millions of people are struggling with the same problem all around the world. No matter the culture, language, religion, or upbringing we come from, our hearts search for the same thing. Purpose.   When clients come to me feeling depressed, lost, confused, or even just like something’s missing from their life, Spirit always brings guidanceContinue Reading

Five Ways to Protect Your Energy

Have you ever felt exhausted after spending time with particular person or group of people? Or do you ever feel anxious, sad, fatigued, or angry and don’t understand why? If so, you are probably either an empath, or a sensitive person, and you are allowing other people to suck your energy from you, or dumpContinue Reading

10 Ways to Love Yourself More Through the Most Challenging Moments

Self love is a process that takes continuous effort, compassion, and commitment. Our relationship with ourselves is the most important, and yet, it is the relationship we most neglect. I recently had a conversation with a client about how we are the ones who see our own flaws more so than anyone else. We areContinue Reading

How to Stop Putting People on Pedestals, Projecting Perfection, and Transform Your Relationships

I see so many clients that are completely overwhelmed, and it’s all their own doing. People that outwardly appear successful, put together, beautiful, and/or affluent, that actually feel completely inept inside. I see the people whose lives are falling apart, and they are so terrified of failure that they can’t even bring themselves to attemptContinue Reading

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