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This is Your Permission Slip

Allow me to start this post off by saying I love random A-Ha moments! I feel when we are present throughout our days, we can learn from all of our encounters- especially the more frustrating ones! I want to share a story with you of my most recent, random, A-Ha moment and how this small, seemingly meaningless moment changed how I look at every obstacle in my life.

My story begins on an afternoon day here in southern California. I was leaving a hotel parking garage to go meet some clients. The hotel was extremely busy that day, so they had left the gates of the garage open so people could come and go freely. There was one car in front of me, stopped at the machine where you swipe your key or pay to get out. I pulled up behind them, and noticed they were swiping their key repeatedly, hitting the call for assistance button, and looking extremely frustrated and confused, all while the gate is wide open for them to leave. After about a full minute of this, I decided to walk up and ask if they needed some help. (I admit, for the selfish reason of wanting to get out of there and be on my way!) When I got up to their car and asked if they were having a problem, the guy looked at me and said “It says to swipe your key to get out, but I’m swiping and the gate isn’t closing and reopening. I don’t want to get in trouble for just leaving without permission.” I let him know that I stay at this hotel regularly, and when they leave the gates open, it’s because it’s okay for people to come and go without swiping the key, and promised him he would not be in trouble. Finally, he gave up, exited the garage, and I was free to go about my day.

My mind was absolutely boggled by this man for the entire day. I kept thinking, why would someone sit and wait for several minutes, when the gate is wide open? I couldn’t comprehend it. Then, I started thinking if this situation was a metaphor for life, and the number of people that stop and don’t move forward, even though the gate/door/path is wide open, because they are waiting for some kind of permission or approval. Wow. I know I’ve been guilty of this in my life for sure. How about you? Have you ever waited to move forward on something because you didn’t realize you were allowed to, or because you weren’t sure if the door would stay open for you to get all the way through in time? Or even just because there wasn’t a huge, blaring sign telling you to go?

I realized that I have seen this exact situation in so many people- clients, friends, coworkers, myself. People who are intelligent, who are brave, and fully capable, yet they find themselves stuck in fear, rules, or expectations, behind a wide open gate! The Universe can literally be laying everything out for them, a clear path, paved with nothing but success and happiness, and their sitting in their car, waiting for an even bigger sign of permission! This is crazy! It’s absolute insanity.

The truth of the matter is that the only person who can give you permission to move forward on your path, is you. The only thing standing in your way, is you. All of those excuses that are holding you back right now, they’re all either steering you in another direction, or coming from your own fear. So let me just address you, everyone whose reading this, right now. If you have been waiting for a sign, for an okay, for permission- THIS IS IT! Give yourself permission to go forward, and go for it! Whatever you’ve been putting off, you’ve got this! It’s your time! You are fully supported by the Universe and your teams in Heaven. You are free to make any changes you’ve been wanting to make in your life, and guess what?! You’ve been given everything you need to succeed at everything you want to accomplish.

This isn’t just a story full of motivational BS. This is the highest truth- YOU came here to live your life and experience life FULLY! (not half way, not from the sidelines, fully.) You came here prepared to overcome any obstacles you’ve faced,  to enjoy the satisfaction of achievement, and to experience love and connection. God gave you what you needed to accomplish your Soul’s purpose the day you were born.

I’d like to end with an invitation. I want to invite you to reflect on your life, on any areas where you may be holding back. Any areas where you might be sitting in your car, feeling like you can’t get out of the parking garage, and just look and see if the gate really is wide open. If it’s not, look around and see if it’s because there’s another gate that’s been opened for you. Look and see if imaginary rules or expectations have been holding you back. Notice if there are any opportunities in your life that others might see as gifts, but you’re seeing as a block. See if you can shift your perspective. And then give yourself permission, as well as some encouragement, to go through the open gate and live your life fully.

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