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Calling in Your Person

Relationships are one of the core experiences we came into this life to experience. They are also one of the most universally confusing subjects. Everywhere you look, there are people claiming to be experts, offering to help you find true love, or manifest your soulmate, if you can afford their program. So let me start this off by saying, I am far from a relationship expert. I don’t offer dating advice, or tips on how to get men or women. That’s not my thing. I channel guidance from a higher consciousness, and when people come to me for relationship advice, the Guides often give my clients homework to help them align with the relationship that is in their best good. Secondly, from what Spirit tells me, we have many “soulmates”. Our soulmates are often times some of our most triggering, challenging partners. They are mirrors, they are people we’ve had past lives with, they’re teachers, and some are still finding their way. So right now, there are millions of people praying that God send them their soulmate, and the Angels are kind of like, well, that person was one of your soulmates, okay we’ll send you another one. And all of those soulmates are preparing us for our person, as I like to call it, or our partner for this lifetime. Our partner, or person, is definitely a soulmate, but they are here to team up with us, support us, and love us, rather than be a teacher or trigger. If you are wanting to call in this person for yourself, I decided to put together a few of the homework assignments that my Guides give out the most, so that you can start your end of the process. Remember, there is always divine timing involved, but these practices can definitely help you prepare, call forward, and open up to meeting your life partner.

The first practice is a visualization. Visualizing is one of the most powerful manifesting tools that exists. It’s also a great way to find clarity. The Guides say to visualize your perfect day spent with your significant other. Start from waking up, and then go through the entire day. What kinds of foods do you eat? What activities do you engage in? How do you feel with that person? How do they express their love for you? How do you express yourself with them? Where do you live? Etc. This will help you get clarity around the lifestyle of the relationship that you’re wanting, as well as what’s really important where the day to day stuff is concerned. Practice this visualization as much as possible to help speed up the process of calling this person in!

Align yourself with the type of relationship you want. So many people come to me that are living a completely different lifestyle while they’re single than they want to live when they find their person. They view it as enjoying their time being single and not tied down, but what’s happening is that they’re just attracting people who are aligned with that lifestyle, which is a different energy than what they want to attract. You attract what you are, not what you want to be. Think about your visualization of the perfect day in your ideal relationship, what kinds of things were you doing? How can you live that way right now? A good question to ask yourself is- Would your future person want to date the person you’re being now? Would you have things in common? If not, you may want to think about if you really want that kind of a relationship, and if so, how can you align your life with the energy of that relationship, and with that person? Also ask yourself if you’re being the person you’re being in that visualization?

Let your Angels, Guides, and God take over your love life. It’s easy to let go and let God with problems, but for some reason, people love to over analyze and micromanage their love lives. It’s right up there with finances. The Guides say people are really just afraid that God doesn’t want for them what they want for themselves. So many of you have this deep fear of “what if God wants me to be alone forever?” Or “what if I’m not meant to experience true love this lifetime?” Rest assured, God, the Angels, and the Guides, do not want you to be alone for the rest of your life! They want you to experience a love that is unconditional. They want you to have someone to grow with, to laugh with, to support and be supported by, and to experience life with. And they say, there is someone out there wishing they’d meet someone just like you, right at this very moment. If you can take a step back, have some faith, and let them take charge, they will help lead you two to each other! Practice writing a letter to your Angels, God, your Guides, or a loved one on the other side, and ask them to take over your love life and bring you someone who is in your highest and best good. Tell them you are releasing control, and you trust them to take care of this, and you are open to seeing the signs they provide you. That will allow the other side to intervene on behalf of your best good, which always works better than when we try to take charge.

Put these suggestions into practice, remember to stay open to meeting the perfect person for you, and trust that they will come into your life at the perfect time. If you’d like to get insight around your love life, feel free to reach out and book a reading with me! Sending lots of love to you!

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  1. Frances says:

    The letter to Guide and Angels is brilliant. Though I am currently married with love life. I Still Believe That We Should Write A Letter…It Is Brilliant …#homework#spiritualbath #cleanse #recharge #aura
    Thank you S. Gratitude for blogging.

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