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Integrating the Lost Parts of Yourself for Ultimate Healing

I spent years trying to release old parts of myself. I did every exercise I could find, read all sorts of self help books, practiced releasing masks and layers through yoga and meditation. While all of that did get me farther on my path, I couldn’t shake this strange feeling of disconnection. It crept inContinue Reading

God Is Your Energy Source

This post is for all of you out there that give out an immense amount of energy on a regular basis. Whether it’s in your personal life or your career, when you’re giving so much of your energy to others, you must get in touch with your energy source so that you don’t end upContinue Reading

Getting Out of Your Own Way

I have a confession to make. Throughout my life, I’ve gone through times where I am in total flow. Opportunities just open up, things go my way, people respond to me in positive ways, money comes in and goes out in a perfect balance, I am creative daily, life will just be really solid andContinue Reading

Releasing Control

I work with people on a multitude of different topics. From unsolved murders, to receiving closure from loved ones in Heaven, to guidance around every day life. I mean let’s face it, sometimes life is hard! It helps to have the Guides share their wisdom by giving some tips and tools on how to getContinue Reading

Using Your Intuition To Get Ahead in Business

We all know the general rule to always follow our gut feelings, right? And usually those gut feelings become undeniable when they’re warning us to stay away from someone, or something, that may cause us danger. Or when they’re pushing us in the right direction, towards some life changing opportunity. But what does that lookContinue Reading

Warning Signs – Changes Needed

Most people who invest in packages with me are in the middle of major life transitions, and need monthly support to help them navigate all of the chaos that massive change brings about. However, before people get to this point, many spend a significant amount of time in misery, depression, addiction, and self doubt. It’sContinue Reading

Growing Pains

We all come into this life to learn, grow, and expand on a Soul level. This process happens through our life experiences, our studies, our work, and our relationships- both physical and spiritual. This is pretty common knowledge in the self growth world, but what no one seems to mention are the downfalls of growingContinue Reading

Living With the Dead

When most people die, they cross over and go straight to the other side. However, some Soul’s cannot cross over, and they stay here, to walk amongst us. I refer to these spirits as Earth-bound Spirits, or Ghosts. I receive letters and messages from people all around the world that have experienced hauntings. I haveContinue Reading

Technology, Anxiety, and Balance

Technology has come so far, even just in the past couple of years, it’s unbelievable. While I absolutely appreciate all that technology allows me to accomplish, especially as an entrepreneur, I felt called to take a “technology cleanse” about a week ago. I decided to take a week off of work, and take four entireContinue Reading

Manifesting or Surrendering?

Over the past several years the term manifest has become quite prevalent. There have been countless books, movies, articles, and podcasts done on the subject. People worldwide have been visualizing, creating vision boards, writing manifesto’s, and saying affirmations. (along with several other tricks I’m sure!) Then, there’s another entire perspective from a different group ofContinue Reading

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