Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer


Sarah Renee is a psychic medium, which means she has been given the gift from God to connect with the other side. Sarah brings through messages from people who have died, as well as from a higher consciousness that she refers to as the Guides. Sarah has helped thousands of people find closure, clarity, peace of mind, and their purpose.


She has served a diverse range of people, from powerful CEO’s,entrepreneurs, and celebrities, to fire fighters, law enforcement, stay at home moms, troubled teens, young kids who have lost siblings or parents, ex-cons who are trying to get back on their feet, and everyone in between. She has been blessed with some of the best reviews on Yelp from her clients, as well as a loyal and supportive fan base on social media. Sarah has also lead several group events at yoga studios, meet ups, and private parties. She has worked with Health Mastery Retreats providing group and private sessions for their high end retreats in La Jolla, CA. Sarah also offers home and office clearings, and has cleared and blessed several homes for realtors, private owners, renters, as well as office buildings in order to help boost productivity and morale. She has been featured in multiple online interviews regarding ADHD, Addiction, and Spiritual healing. Sarah has consulted on murder investigations, as well as missing person investigations. She is a regular contributor for Business Heroine Magazine, an online magazine for women entrepreneurs.


They have also published a Spotlight interview on her. Sarah is currently seeing clients worldwide, putting together future retreats, and is also focusing on writing her book.


Sarah has been able to connect with the other side almost all of her life. She didn’t realize what her gift really was, or how to use it until her twenties though. In fact, she spent most of her life in resistance of her gift and tried everything to escape it. After experiencing a disconnection from her highest self, her purpose, and God, Sarah began a spiritual, self discovery journey in order to regain her connection and her faith. Finally, in her late teens, she was lead to expert medium and astrologer Catherine Yunt in Tucson, AZ. Catherine explained that the sensitivities, resistance, and fear that Sarah had experienced were part of her gift, and that she was in fact a psychic medium. Sarah spent years learning to protect herself, only working in the love and light of God, and mastering her gift in order to use it to help others. After yoga teacher training, she began using her healing and psychic abilities with her clients, which lead to the expansion of her business, and gifts.


She is currently based out of sunny San Diego. She specializes in two types of readings. One is when she connects with the dead. Sarah brings through messages from her clients loved ones on the other side in order to validate that it is in fact them, and to bring much needed closure and peace of mind. She also specializes in more of a spiritual coaching format, where she brings through messages from the Guides in order to help people get in touch with their purpose, find happiness, and live their best life possible. She has single session rates as well as package deals. When she is not working with her beloved clients, she is usually along the coast somewhere, sipping coffee by the ocean, hanging out with family, friends, and her dog, enjoying a sunset, or practicing yoga. She is currently taking on new clients. You can book your session by filling out the contact form.



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