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A Glimpse Into Heaven and Hell

One of the most common topics people want to consult with me on is what is it like on the other side? Does it really exist? Is it peaceful? Do we get to reunite with our loved ones, or do we reincarnate right away? Is there a Heaven and a Hell? Are there gates we go through? The questions are endless, and they’re all pretty similar despite religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds. Basically, what people want to know is this- Is believing in a peaceful afterlife true, or just wishful thinking? Spirit wanted me to share with you, from a few experiences I’ve had while connecting with the dead, what it’s like on the other side. They gave me these experiences so that I could describe them to you with my own awareness, vs channeling this description from their awareness. I’ll also touch on the opposite of this, which in our society is generally referred to as Hell, not to provoke fear, but to give some answers based on my experiences with darker energies. It is my hope that this post will help strengthen your faith and bring you some peace of mind around death.

Normally when I bring through Spirit, they merge into my energy field and I deliver messages that they show me in images, feelings, and thoughts. A few times though, I have experienced something entirely different. Something so miraculous, I haven’t shared it with anyone but my family. It’s hard to put into words, but it happened again yesterday, and Spirit has been urging me to share these sacred experiences with you. The first few times this happened, I was doing readings, and instead of Spirit merging with my energy, I merged with their energy, and was brought to the other side in sort of an astral travel way. The second couple of times were through my own meditation practices. During one, I encountered Jesus, which I will be writing about separately. The other, I was lead by a dear friend of mine into Heaven. These visitations only happen for a moment, because I cannot spend too much time over there without it having a physical impact on me. Even so, I remember every second of it, every time.

It begins with seeing a hint of light. It’s so bright, that I want to say it’s a white light, but as it gets closer and closer, I realize it’s not. It’s more of an effervescent light, changing colors, all bright blues, gold, greens, purples, pinks. All of these colors shimmering and almost moving, like water or something. At first it seems the light is coming to me, but then I’m going through the light, and it’s all around. I’m completely unaware of my body at this time. I am more floating or flying than walking. The warmth is like sunlight, but not in a hot, the sun beating down on you way. More like the relief of walking outside and feeling the sun touch your skin. Then that warmth covers my whole body, like being picked up and hugged by someone you love. I feel so small, but in a comfortable way. Like I am a part of something so much greater than myself. All of a sudden, through the light comes a familiar face. Though he speaks no words at this time, my friend smiles and I hear in my head I’m so happy to see you. We communicate telepathically here I realize! I feel this feeling of unconditional love, that I can’t even explain. It’s so much more than anything I’ve ever felt here. It’s like a love that is so strong, nothing else can even exist. I’m not aware of any other emotion other than this love. My mind isn’t going, I’m not wondering if I’m dying or not, I’m not thinking about what I look like. Just love and gratitude, and this knowing that everything is perfect. It feels like I have been here awhile, although it’s only been a few seconds in time. I want to go further, to see more Souls I know are here, to feel more love. But it is not time for that yet, and I am sent back into my body. The moment I return to my body, I am given a message. It has been different each time, but it’s always guidance. The guidance is always direct, clear, and loving. The first couple of times coming back into my body was a shock. I felt a huge amount of energy, like a bolt of lightning shoot through me, even one of my clients felt it. Now, it feels more gentle and kind. I guess I have been adjusted energetically so that I can travel easier between the worlds of life and death. After these visits, I always feel a peace that sticks with me for quite some time. I feel lighter, as though I’ve lost 50 pounds of energetic weight. My only explanation for this is that this energy heals me while I’m having this experience.

I am told that this is what we will all experience when we are crossing over. They say that as we go further into this place, we will be reunited with multiple loved ones, we will experience a life review, get to watch all of our loved ones still alive, and learn any lessons we didn’t quite master during our life. I can tell you one thing for sure, it is not scary. It is the most comforting, peaceful, incredible, miraculous experience I have ever had, and the most love any one of us could ever feel. Logistically, they always show me Heaven in the example of a high rise building. People who didn’t learn any lessons while they were alive, and got pretty separated from their truth and their Soul, go in towards the bottom. They still feel this love and peace, but they also are going back to school in a way. They have Angels helping them out, but they go learn the lessons they tried to skip over or just couldn’t figure out during their life. Then, at the top, are the Souls who are now partnered up with God, the Angels, and Ascended Masters, working to bring about good in the world. They are the Souls who lived pretty much Godly lives while here on Earth. Think Mother Theresa. Then, there are a bunch of levels in-between where the Souls who lived somewhere in the middle get to go to learn, teach, help, etc. We do get Heaven jobs as well. Some help new Souls be born, some help Souls cross over, some are helping people who try to commit suicide, some are helping out down here with civil rights acts, etc. There are all sorts of things we get to help with from up there! There really is truly, nothing to be afraid of.

Now, to the opposite side of the afterlife spectrum. Hell. Does it exist? Is it down under? Is there fire? Is there a devil? Who goes to hell? My experiences with true darkness and evil have been kept to a minimum, and I intend to keep it that way. I have had a few experiences with this energy while working on murders, dealing with ghosts, and a demonic experience. I have not seen fire, nor have I seen a particular place which I would call Hell. From what I have been shown, Hell seems to be a state where a Soul is trapped, that is here on Earth, unable to cross over, and they must feel the pain they inflicted while they were alive, for eternity. The ONLY time I have seen this happen to a Soul is when they have murdered people and feel no remorse, invited demons or the devil in, worked with black magic, or raped/tortured people. This is more of the extreme cases. Again, just to be clear, people who have made several mistakes- even pretty bad ones, committed suicide, adulterers, they’re all in Heaven learning peacefully. This state is for the truly dark and evil Souls. One Soul I encountered came in through my window one night. His energy was especially dark. He felt creepy, cold, he had no remorse, and he was hunched over, holding his stomach as it was bleeding black, tar-like, blood. I immediately felt such an intense pain in my own stomach, I had to crawl on the floor to try to get to the bathroom because I thought I was going to be sick. The burning, nauseating, sharp sensations made it hard to breathe, I thought I might black out. I commanded he remove his energy from me, and asked him what he needed to cross over. He said he couldn’t cross over, he wasn’t allowed there. He said he was pissed he had to stay in this pain, but I saw no true remorse in his eyes for anyone but himself. I grabbed my holy water and was able to get rid of him. The next day, I found an article on him, he washed up on the beach a couple years prior, right by where I lived. He had murdered a cab driver by shooting him in the stomach. So now he had to feel that pain forever. The cab driver luckily crossed over right away and is at peace. Dealing with demonic energy is something I hope no one will ever have to go through. The darkness and evil is something I can’t even put into words. One of my experiences was so terrifying, and such strong hatred, I cried for an entire day, and I could barely speak to anyone for a few days after. It shook me up, and I do not share the details of that experience with anyone, ever. I am not sure if there is some sort of head “devil”, nor do I really want to know. But there definitely are demons. They do possess people, but probably not as much as scary movies say. They are here on earth, and they are powerful. But not as powerful as God. What I know for sure, is that if you ever feel true evil around you- whether it’s a living person or something not living, say “I am protected in the name of God and you cannot harm me.” Even just in your head, surround yourself with white light, and get out of there. They feed off of fear, so they will attempt to scare you. They cannot hurt you or attach to you if you ask God to protect you. You don’t have to be a certain religion, but you do have to choose light over dark, or you can end up in a weakened state. I don’t like to provoke fear, but I do think that you deserve to know that evil does exist, and that you can protect yourself.

At the end of the day, if you try to be the best person you can be and do good in this world, I’m sure you’ll end up in that warm, loving, amazing place! Know that if you have a loved one that was killed in a homicide, their murderer will suffer. Justice will be served in death, even if it wasn’t served in life. Also know that your loved ones, even if they were lost and confused, are in a better place now. They now know love, they now know peace. They are not alone, and you won’t be alone when it’s your time to go either.

Thank you for reading this! I hope it answered some of your questions! If you’d like to connect with a loved one in Heaven, or need answers regarding a homicide, please feel free to reach out and book an appointment with me! I also connect with the Guides if you’re needing advice on current situations going on in your life.

Sending you love and blessings!

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  1. somer says:

    Your best article!!! This was SO well written, Sarah. Really awesome job sister 🙂

  2. Sue Claxton says:

    Thank you, Sarah, for bravely articulating answers mossy people won’t have until their last breath

  3. Stephanie says:

    I appreciate your authenticity and ability to share in common language. I have seen much of what you have experienced at different times and I feel so honored to have you doing this work in the world and touching the lives you do. I will definitely be sharing this!!!

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